Unbenanntes Dokument



Text:                Angelo Calabrese, Naples
                        Art Historian


Translation:     Paola Bregolisse,  Oetwil am See


A search within the taste of life and hope. A glimpse, a precise moment, an enlightment: the paintress is the “medium” of the “form-idea”, which dominates her hand and organises situations by streams of stillness.


Ruth Berther creates her art in a magical moment and reveals, thereof I am convinced, the inwardness of a blooming fantasy. It seems, as if she has realised that she had never renounced to dream, whereby in the tragic of the painful experiences she offers comfort through her colours. These are colours, which gain warmth and brightness to create more emotional earth colours, whereas the blue-tones are forceful and at the same time calm like memories. The yellow and green tones adopt different nuances and black is only found in minor insinuations.
It may be expected that art reveals a new social statement, which not only discloses but also accuses. There are even messages, which encourage for further statements. Ruth Berther offers all that with an eye-winker and the smile of somebody who never gives up hope. Her freedom of means of expression refers to a spirituality, which arises the flow of feelings.

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